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What is GrabGuidance?

GrabGuidance is a NextGen Artificial Intelligence BOT Based Career Counselling Platform fully leveraging its most updated technology & experienced counsellors to deliver a high quality & reliable career counselling. It is for the students from Class 8th to 12th helping them make the decisions of their lifetime in choosing the right stream, courses, colleges & universities, internships etc. through our AI Backed Career Guidance Program.

Confusion to Conclusion

Our Vision

Empowering students and their parents to have access to the technology driven, data backed and professional career counselling & guidance to take the most critical career-related decisions of their lifetime with ease to have a successful career and future life

Our Mission

To provide efficient and effective career counselling & guidance though technology backed platform to all the student of our nation for them to take the right career decisions

Why we built GrabGuidance?

Meeting a Growing Demand

In today’s dynamic job market, individuals face numerous career paths and choices, leading to uncertainty and confusion. Our career counselling addresses this need by providing personalised guidance, helping individuals make informed decisions about their education and career paths.

Enhancing Career Satisfaction and Success

Many people struggle to find careers that align with their strengths, interests, and values. Our services help students identify their true potential and match them with suitable career opportunities, thereby enhancing job satisfaction and long-term career success.

Bridging Skill Gaps and Market Needs

There is often a mismatch between the skills employers seek and the qualifications of job seekers. Our career counselling helps bridge this gap by offering targeted advice on skill development, training programs, and educational pathways, ensuring that clients are well-prepared for the demands of the job market.

Supporting Lifelong Career Development

Career paths are no longer linear, and individuals are likely to change careers multiple times. GrabGuidance supports students through various stages of their professional lives, providing continuous guidance and resources for career transitions, upskilling, and adapting to changing industry trends.

Access to quality education & right guidance is needed by youth of our country to build a strong nation. GrabGuidance wants to bring expert academics & industry guidance available to every learner.
Astha Gandhi,

Our People

The people who make things happen in our company and who believe and build the future.

Advisory Board

Prof. (Dr.) G.L. Sharma
Professor of Finance, Lal Bhadur Shastri Institute of management
Ms. Veena Raizada
Educational Consultant, Ex-Director Academics, Next Education 
Prof. (Dr.) Mayank Dhaundiyal
Professor of Strategy and Vice Dean  O P Jindal Global University
Prof. (Dr.) Vikas Madhukar
Dy Pro Vice Chancellor, Amity University, Haryana
Prof. (Dr.) Madhu Vij
Professor in Finance, Faculty of Management Studies (FMS) University of Delhi
Mr. PK Gupta
Sr. Vice President & Vertical Head in Cadila Pharmaceuticals Limited
Dr. Himanshu Puri
Entrepreneur & Educationist
Co-founder & COO 


Mr. Prem Sibbal

National Insitute of MSMEs, Goverment of India

Mr. Kiran Kadekoppa
CTO & Co-founder, Huex Labs, Angel Investor & Startup Mentor



Our Team

Astha Gandhi
Nishant Puri
Mohit Tyagi


Ankita Saxena


Ayush Pandey

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