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CBSE Curriculum

The curriculum refers to the lessons and educational content to be taught to a student in a school. In actual terms, it may be regarded as the sum aggregate of a planned set of education handed to a learner by an academy. It confines general objects of literacy, capabilities to be gained, courses of study, subject-wise literacy issues and content, pedagogical practises and assessment guidelines. CBSE gives opportunities for scholars to achieve excellence in literacy.

CBSE Curriculum Class 9 & 10
CBSE Curriculum Class 11 & 12

Features of CBSE Curriculum

The class specified by CBSE strives to:

  1. Give ample compass for holistic i.e. physical, intellectual and social development of scholars;
  2. Emphasise constructivist rather than rote literacy by pressing the Significance of hands-on experience;
  3. Matriculate general and specific tutoring and assessment objects to make literacy faculty- grounded;
  4. Encourage the operation of knowledge and chops in real-life problem Working scripts;
  5. Uphold the‘ Indigenous Values’ by encouraging values-grounded literacy conditioning;
  6. Promote Critical and Creative Allowing aligned to the 21st Century Chops in classrooms;
  7. Integrate inventions in pedagogy similar as existential literacy, Sport & Art-Integrated Learning, toy- grounded pedagogy, liar, gamification etc. with technological inventions (ICT integration) to keep pace with the global trends in colourful disciplines;
  8. Enhance and support literacy by different types of assessments; and
  9. Integrates environmental education in colourful disciplines from classes I-XII.

Objectives of the Curriculum

Curriculum aims to:

  1. Achieve cognitive, affective and psychomotor excellence;
  2. Enhance tone- mindfulness and explore ingrain eventuality;
  3. Attain mastery over laid down capabilities;
  4. Imbibe 21st century literacy, knowledge and life chops;
  5. Promote thing setting, and lifelong literacy;
  6. Inculcate values and foster artistic literacy and international understanding in an interdependent society;
  7. Acquire the capability to use technology and information for the betterment of humankind;
  8. Strengthen knowledge and station related to livelihood chops;
  9. Develop the capability to appreciate art and showcase bents;
  10. Promote physical fitness, health and well- being.
  11. Promote trade- integrated literacy.

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