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CBSE Class 10 NCERT Books

In class 10, all the subjects are important for board exams. Students must be knowing which stream they want to choose or what they want to become. Class 10th is the base for higher classes. It is important for each and every student to gain good marks in 10th board exams. At many places during admissions, 10th class exam results are also asked along with 12th class boards results.

The board exam and its result is the deciding factor for getting a good college and university. The preparation needs to be strong for all the subjects.

In class 10, following are the most important subjects:

  1. Maths

    In class 10th maths, there are some difficult chapters as compared to previous class. Students feel like skipping such difficult chapters but those chapters are the foundation for higher classes. To help yourself, you can explore all the answers at the last page of the NCERT book.

  2. English

    In the NCERT English book, there are 3 parts in total to be covered in the syllabus. Students must refer to NCERT for board exams to get good marks. CBSE always updates the NCERT syllabus.

  3. Science

    In 10th board exams, you can gain good marks through practicals. In science, there are internal practical exams for biology & physics. Rest of the theoretical aspects, you need to learn all the concepts from the NCERT science book.

  4. Civics

    In class 10th, the social science NCERT book has 4 parts. Civics, Geography, Economics & History. All the 4 parts will be coming in board exams. Civics is easy as compared to other parts of social science.’

  5. Geography

    In 10th class geography, there are some important maps which can come in board exams. In order to understand geographical maps, students have to thoroughly read NCERT books.ompared to other subjects.

  6. Economics

    according to the CBSE syllabus. They are the best solution for subjects like economics. The 10th class economics subject is scoring & there are less chapters as compared to other subjects.

  7. History

    A few of the 10th class students may not like history as they might face problems in remembering historical dates & events. History chapters are lengthy but they are not difficult to remember. GrabGuidance experts can help students to learn such theories as well.

Here, we are providing you with NCERT books for all the subjects in PDF. Click on the particular subject & download the chapter files.

Class 10 NCERT Books

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GrabGuidance provides all the NCERT Books of class 10th in PDF format. Whether you’re a commerce or arts or science student, you can easily download the PDF file of any subject. This material will help you prepare much better for your CBSE board exams

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can I download any NCERT textbook in PDF form?

Yes, you can easily download from our website It’s the one stop solution for all NCERT Books and solution for class 1-12 students. 

How to check answers for a particular question?

 In every NCERT Textbook, all the answers are available chapter wise in the end page of the book.

Can I download the PDF on mobile?

Yes. All the NCERT books for class 1-12 can be easily downloaded on mobile as well. 

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