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Career Opportunities
Student Opportunities

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Career Opportunities

Our employees are assets for our organization. We believe in growing together with good environment & work culture.  If you want to be part of GrabGuidance team, share your resume with a cover letter at

Why Employee Prefer GrabGuidance?

  • Healthy Work Culture

  • Emphasis on Learning & Development

  • Flexible Working Hours

  • Young & Enthusiastic Team

  • Encouragement to Innovation & Creativity

  • Fun Environment

Student Opportunity

Student Ambassador Program (SAP)

A student ambassador program is a program where the postgraduate students can work while studying at college/university. It will help students to gain valuable experience and also, they get corporate exposure while learning. GrabGuidance chooses some of the bright students from various campuses and those students becomes the face of GrabGuidance in their respective university/college campuses.

Join The Program
What You Get?
  • Certificate of Participation
  • Networking with like-minded people
  • Opportunity to work in close collaboration with the Team GrabGuidance to gain relevant experience
  • Exposure to the real-life learning while working in an Ed-tech Startup
What You Do?
  • Be the official ambassador & representative of GrabGuidance
  • Promote GrabGuidance in your campus and other approachable area
  • Organize and coordinate various activities in your campus
  • Update us on the activities undertaken on a monthly basis
What You Need?
  • MBA/PGDM students who are in their First or Third semester of program
  • Marketing students who have leadership qualities
  • Students who have good network & connection
  • Students who have strong communication skills
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