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For Students & Parents

How can I find the academic and career experts of my preference?

You can select your class and interest area through search bar on the home page. You will be redirected to the GrabGuidance’s experts listing page from where you can select the expert according to your preferences.

How will I schedule my session?

After you have selected expert according to your preference, choose the available day and time as per your requirements and pay the required amount according to the tenure of the session. After the payment, you will get notification along with the virtual session’s link for attending it.

What can I expect in my session?

The session can be taken for the following:

  • Concept Clarity on Essential Topics
  • Doubts Clarification on any Subject related Questions
  • Career Counselling and Personal Guidance

Are the experts on this portal verified?

Yes, the experts have to clear certain phases to become verified on GrabGuidance.

How session will be conducted (which platform)?

The session will be conducted on an inbuilt virtual video conferencing solution of GrabGuidance.

How much I will be paying for my session?

The price for a session depends upon its tenure and expert taking that session. Thus, it varies widely and is always mentioned for all expert’s in their profile.

How will I pay for these sessions?

Once you are done with selecting the expert and choosing available and preferred time slot, you will be redirected to the payment gateway for making the payment.

What if the expert is not there for my booked session?

Experts will be available to attend the sessions booked but only under some exceptional circumstances if Expert is not able to join then your money will be refunded or another session will be rescheduled as per your availability.

Can I opt for multiple sessions?

Yes, you can opt for multiple hourly sessions. The multiple session’s option has to be chosen at the time of booking the session.

How safe is GrabGuidance portal?

All profiles on our platform are verified by our in-house team. No personal details are disclosed to anyone. And also, all the payment transactions are carried out through a secured payment gateway.

For GG Experts

Who all can become GG Experts with GrabGuidance?

School Teachers, Tutors, Educators, Counsellors, College Professors, Experienced Professionals.

What do I have to do by becoming GG Expert?

Students from across the globe would see your profile and if found interesting, can book a session with you for taking guidance related to your expertise. You will be required to deliver a one to one online session with the respective learner.

How to become a GG Expert with GrabGuidance?

Visit our home page and click on “Expert Account” tab. Fill the requisite details along with uploading certain documents to create your profile.

Why should I become GG Expert for GrabGuidance?

Following are the benefits to our GG Experts:

  • We do your MARKETING: You will be marketed on our platform to all pan India students through your microsite on our portal
  • We provide you our TECHNOLOGY: You can take sessions online on our in-built virtual class solution
  • We give you opportunity to earn HUGE INCOME: You can earn huge earnings with timely payment on monthly basis.
  • You enjoy the CONVENIENCE with us: By taking online sessions from home or anywhere
  • You will have the FLEXIBILITY: Of working as per your own availability/schedule

What basic things I need to have to efficiently render my services as GG expert?

You need to have a working laptop along with a decent internet connection supporting audio video functionality. The session should be taken from a place which is disturbance free.

How will I take sessions on the website (Which Platform)?

The online one to one session happens on GrabGuidance’s inbuilt video conferencing platform. The details of every session booked will be visible on your dashboard from where it can be accessed too.

How will I be paid?

Payment will be on monthly basis. It would be calculated based on the total tenure of the session taken and pricing set by you.

How my credentials be shown on the website?

You will be having your own detailed profile/microsite that will be visible to all users. While filling up the onboarding form, you will have to disclose all relevant information and put a great profile picture to create an impressive profile.

How can I make my profile more visible?

Your work on the platform will speak for you. You can focus on taking many quality sessions which will lead to good star rating that will be one of the prime factors for anyone choosing you as an expert.

Can one expert teach multiple subjects?

Yes, if you have expertise in multiple subjects/classes. While filling up the onboarding form, you can select multiple subjects/classes according to your capability.

Shall I work as GG Expert for full time or part time?

It solely depends upon your availability and schedule. GrabGuidance would want you to be available more to earn more and guide as many learners.

Incase you need anything else, you can get prompt responses from a friendly, professional and knowledgable support team by writing us at