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CBSE Class 9 NCERT Books

In class 9, all the subjects are important from exam point of view. Not many but some of the students do have their vision sorted. They know what they want to become. To accomplish our goals, we are always required to work for it. Studying smartly from the right content will be helpful in achieving our big aim. Here, NCERT & GrabGuidance helps you to achieve your dreams by providing the right content and right guidance at such an important juncture of your life, i.e. high school level including class 9th. We believe that you can become successful in every aspect of life.

We all know that 10th & 12th board exams are very important but we can’t undermine the importance of class 9th. The 9th class also plays an important role in setting up the foundation for class 10th. As everyone knows, roots give strength to trees. In studies, the same thing happens if your roots or basics are strong enough only then you will be able to achieve your goals. There are many streams which a student can choose in class 11th, but for that your base should be strong for each & every concept whether you are choosing science, commerce or arts.

In class 9, following are the most important subjects:

  1. Maths

    In class 9th math, the level of difficulty increases as compared to previous classes. NCERT provides solutions also but students have to practice a lot. To help yourself, you can explore all the answers at the last page of the NCERT book.

  2. English

    In the NCERT English book, there are 3 parts in total to be covered in the syllabus. Students must refer to NCERT for exams to get good marks. CBSE always updates the NCERT syllabus.

  3. Science

    There are many class 9 students who want to choose science as a stream to pursue MBBS, as a degree, in future. In school, science subjects have practicals. If students’ theoretical knowledge is weak then students can gain marks in practicals to cover up.

  4. Democratic Politics

    In class 9th, NCERT has 4 books for social science. For civics, book 1 is democratic politics. You will learn all the things related to democracy in democratic politics.

  5. Geography

    In class 9th, the name of the geography NCERT book is Contemporary India. In this book, you’ll read about Physical features of India, India size and location etc. In the exam, a few questions can also come which are related to the maps of India.

  6. Economics

    In class 9th, economics NCERT book has 4 chapters. The main chapters are the poverty as a challenge & the story of Palampur village. Economics syllabus is not that big in comparison to the other books of social science.

  7. History

    Class 9th NCERT book of history has a syllabus consisting of 3 sections. Section 1 is Events and Processes, section 2 is Livelihoods, Economics and Societies and section 3 is Everyday Life, Culture and Politics.

Here, we are providing you with NCERT books for all the subjects in PDF. Click on the particular subject & download the chapter files.

Class 9th NCERT Books

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can I download any NCERT textbook in PDF form?

Yes, you can easily download from our website It’s the one stop solution for all NCERT Books and solution for class 1-12 students. 

How to check answers for a particular question?

 In every NCERT Textbook, all the answers are available chapter wise in the end page of the book.

Can I download the PDF on mobile?

Yes. All the NCERT books for class 1-12 can be easily downloaded on mobile as well. 

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