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BCOM Online Classes 

BCOM is Bachelor of Commerce. It is a 3 year undergraduate degree of commerce. At GrabGuidance students can book a session with an expert. Whether a student is looking for a financial accounting expert or statistical expert, they can choose on our portal for online classes.

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Importance of online classes

Flexible Schedule

On GrabGuidance portal students have the opportunity to book an online class with an expert anytime as per their choice. We provide the full flexibility to our students in live classes.

Learn at your pace students can have the expert of their choice & they can learn as per their requirement.  GrabGuidance helps students to understand the concept & take their time while learning online classes.

Live Interactions

GrabGuidance offers students live interaction after booking a session with the expert on GrabGuidance portal. Students who are in 2nd year classes can have live interactions with our experts.

Subjects covered in online classes

Below are some subjects of which GrabGuidance provides the solution to the students 

Financial Accounting

In Financial accounting is the field of accountancy concerned with the preparation of financial statements for decision-makers. We have online classes on financial accounting.


On GrabGuidance students can have online classes on Microeconomics in which our experts will help you to analyze the market behavior of individual consumers.

Business Law

In, business law is a subject that deals with the laws on the basis of which every deal between people and commercial firms are governed.

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Benefits of online classes

Avoids Commuting students have the opportunity to avoid commuting while having online classes on GrabGuidance portal. They can have online live interaction & there is no travel time.

Comfortable learning environment

At GrabGuidance, it is the duty of our experts to provide a comfortable learning environment to the students. We want our students to do the best & learn very well by taking the help of our experts. GrabGuidance experts also take 2nd year classes on our portal.

Greater ability to concentrate online classes students never get distracted while learning online on GrabGuidance portal.  Here GrabGuidance experts make sure students concentrate more on studies on live sessions 1:1. 

Specialty of GrabGuidance’s class online

Enjoy Live Meeting

 End-to-end solution

GrabGuidance has an end-to-end solution where you can search for any expert, book an online class session & consume the session on our portal. GrabGuidance has the in-built conferencing system which is helpful for our students.

Short term problem solver

Generally online education portals don’t focus on this thing. At GrabGuidance students can book any session with their choice of expert & get resolution in 20 minutes or 40 minutes also. GrabGuidance also provides 2nd year classes to our students.

Empowering students

GrabGuidance empowers student’s community. We provide the full flexibility to choose any expert as per student’s choice. If students wish to change the time of the live session or expert, can change it.  


Can I do B.Com online?


Is B.Com difficult?

No, it is easy if you’ve the concept clarity.

Which is the best B.Com course?

There are top 5 courses from which you can decide

  1. economics,
  2. accounts & finance,
  3. taxation,
  4. financial market &
  5. banking & insurance.