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CBSE Class 8 NCERT Exemplars

At class 8th, GrabGuidance always helps you to achieve your dreams by providing the right content and right guidance at such an important juncture of your life. If you have the right guidance and teacher to mentor you, we believe that you can become successful in every aspect of life.

In setting up the foundation for class 9th & class 10th, the 8th class also plays an important role. Some of the students may not be serious with their studies in class 8th, but they have to take studies seriously. In comparison with other higher classes, the syllabus is easy in class 8th. Students need to put in some effort to gain good marks. GrabGuidance always helps you in academic & career guidance both. 

Following are the 2 most important subjects in class 8th:

  1. Maths

    NCERT provides both online books & exemplars in PDF form. All the things are available online on NCERT website. So there is no need not to get stressed for solutions to any query.

  2. Science

    The combination of physics, chemistry and biology is science. In class 8th NCERT exemplar, you will get all types of questions. Mostly, the topics are defined with diagrams, tables and examples in NCERT Solutions.

Here, we are providing you with NCERT exemplar for all the subjects in PDF. To download the PDF click on the particular subject.

NCERT Class 8 Exemplar

NCERT Exemplars for Class 8 Math
NCERT Exemplars for Class 8 Science

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GrabGuidance provides the NCERT exemplars of class 8th in PDF format. You can easily download the PDF files of math & science subjects. This material will help you prepare much better for your exams.

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