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CBSE Additional Questions For Class 12

Class 12th Students who need additional questions can download from GrabGuidance portal. For class 12, CBSE has provided additional questions to help them get good marks. You will get questions of all the subjects which are important from the board exam’s perspective. 

You can easily download the PDF of the following subjects below- 

  • Biology
  • Computer Science
  • Economics
  • English Core
  • Geography
  • History
Class 12th
Board CBSE
Additional Question Paper CBSE
Medium English
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CBSE Additional Question Paper for Class 12 (PDFs)

Computer Science

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What types of questions come in boards?

There are 3 types of questions –

  1. Very Short Answer 
  2. Short Answer
  3. Long Answer

Except CBSE additional questions do we need any other practice questions?

For board students, CBSE papers are good. But if a student needs to practise more can refer to other books too. 

Do you have practice questions for computer science?

Yes, GrabGuidance provides you with the CBSE additional questions for computer science.

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