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CBSE Curriculum Class 9 & 10

Class 9 & 10 students are important with major learning areas. Students need to take only those subjects in class IX which they intend to continue in Class-X. Below are the subjects for which the curriculum can be downloaded in PDF form.

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CBSE Curriculum Class 9 & 10

Social Science

It is important to know the curriculum which your school is following that is provided by the CBSE. The teaching should be in accordance with the CBSE curriculum. CBSE provides the curriculum for class 9th & 10th also. GrabGuidance helps our students via sharing this curriculum on its website too. GrabGuidance is an online portal which helps all the  school/institute/university students in terms of academic guidance and career guidance. 

Being a 9th or 10th class student, it’s important to know your course curriculum. GrabGuidance provides you with an online 1:1 session for any doubt. Book an expert as per your choice and consume the session on our portal only.


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