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BMS Online Classes

BMS is Bachelor of Management Studies, an undergraduate program of 3 years which offers advanced studies in the field of management. It also provides the knowledge of marketing, business studies & economics. In BMS online classes, team management and communication skills are the most important qualities that a student must have. The admission process of BMS must require 12th board’s mark sheet & English subject in high school.

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Importance of BMS online classes

Flexible Schedule

It is very important for a student to have BMS online classes as per their flexibility. We offer the same flexibility schedule to all our students. They can choose any time, any day with any expert on GrabGuidance portal.

Learn at your pace

The GrabGuidance platform gives you the opportunity to learn at your own pace. BMS Students can have BMS online classes & learn any topic in their own time & schedule.

Live Interactions

For BMS online classes, GrabGuidance provides live interactions. BMS students can book multiple sessions’ 1:1 live interactions with our experts. We have the best experts from pan India.

Subjects covered in BMS online classes

Business Communication

In BMS online classes, Business Communication subject aims to balance the delivery of oral and written components of communication skills among BMS students.

Marketing Management

On GrabGuidance portal we provide marketing management sessions to BMS students.  BMS online classes deal with regular management.

Business Law 

BMS online classes on business law helps BMS students to understand the law and social responsibility relevant to managing an organization domestically and internationally.

Human Resource Management

BMS online classes on Human resource management gives you the knowledge on administration of employees, Planning and management of leaves, Management of work shift schedules and work time.

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Benefits of BMS online classes

Convenience and flexibility

BMS Students can have the BMS online classes with full flexibility on GrabGuidance portal. They can choose any expert as per their choice & price will be mentioned in every profile of the expert. Students can have BMS online classes as per their convenience while booking a session with the expert.

 Avoids Commuting

For BMS online classes, students don’t need to travel anywhere. We can see that earlier students used to travel long distances from home to the tuition center every day. We need to provide the online platform to students for their less time consumption.

Comfortable learning environment

At GrabGuidance portal, BMS students get a comfortable learning environment online on the portal itself. It is necessary to provide a comfortable learning environment because students won’t understand the concept clarity without having a learning environment, they get distracted.

Specialty of GrabGuidance’s BMS online classes

Enjoy Live Meeting

To give quality & right education

GrabGuidance provides the quality & right education to help our students. We can do that with the help of you Educators only. Experts take BMS online classes on GrabGuidance portal & provide quality guidance to students.

 End-to-end solution

BMS students can search for their expert on GrabGuidance portal, and book a session at any time for BMS online classes. They need to mention their query in the message box & after that they can consume the session. There is a proper integrated system on GrabGuidance portal.

Short term problem solver

Whether BMS students have problems in 1 question, 1 chapter or whole course, students can book any session of 20 minute, 40 minute or 60 minute as per their need & requirement.


What is the full form of BMS?

Business Management Studies.

How do I learn BMS?

You can book a session with GrabGuidance Expert & learn all the subjects of BMS

How many subjects are there in the BMS course?

Organizational Behavior, Marketing Management, Financial Management, Human Resource Management etc.