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CBSE Class 12 NCERT Exemplars

In class 12, following are the most important subjects from which you can find NCERT Exemplars:

  1. Maths

    Math need practice. To help you better, NCERT provides exemplars for class 6th-12th. You can download the exemplar in PDF form.

  2. Physics

    Students who want to be an engineer, their base of physics should be clear & strong. For better understanding NCERT has exemplars which you can solve and practice anytime.

  3. Biology

    For board exams, primarily NCERT is the best guide for understanding. And from NCERT exemplars students will get the idea about certain main questions to deal with for the particular subjects. 

  4. Chemistry

    We all know class 12th is difficult from class 11th because the level of education increases at high grades. NCERT books and exemplars are prepared according to CBSE syllabus.

Here, we are providing you with NCERT exemplars for some subjects in downloadable PDF form . Click on the particular subject & download the files. 

NCERT Exemplars for Class 12 Math
NCERT Exemplars for Class 12 Chemistry
NCERT Exemplars for Class 12 Biology
NCERT Exemplars for Class 12 Physics

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GrabGuidance provides all the NCERT Books & Exemplars of class 12th in PDF format. This material will help you prepare much better for your CBSE board exams. 

For 12th Board Exams, students can start practicing from NCERT books and NCERT exemplars. If students have time after revision, then they may prepare from last year’s CBSE board exam’s question paper. 

GrabGuidance always wishes our students to perform well in their exams. For board exams, we have the best experts who can guide you and motivate you to get the highest marks in 12th boards. GrabGuidance provides you the best experts from Pan India and you can book a session with our experts anytime. 

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