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BBA Online Classes

GrabGuidance offers BBA online classes for students for all important academic subjects and career related aspects. Our one-to-one online live classes are interactive, self-paced and offer personalized guidance to students. BBA is a Bachelor of Business administration undergraduate course of 3 years. Earlier there were no specializations in BBA. But today, you can have various specializations like finance, marketing etc.

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Importance of BBA online classes

BBA is the course in which you need to have knowledge about business & administration only. Below are some important subjects covered in BBA online classes 

Flexible Schedule

BBA students can have the opportunity to fix their schedule on GrabGuidance with any expert as per their flexibility. You also can change the schedule time before a few hours of online session. We have many parents who have booked online classes for BBA students.

Learn at your pace

n any course or stream you need to understand the concept & get the crux of the concept. Here GrabGuidance provides you the depth knowledge of the concept with your pace in BBA online classes.

Live Interactions

In most of the online platforms you can see there is no live interaction class. At GrabGuidance you can have the live interaction with the expert & only you’ll be there in the live sessions. No interruption of any other student we allow. There is 1 live session with 1 student only in BBA online classes.

Subjects covered in BBA classes online

Financial Management

In BBA online classes, the aim of GrabGuidance is to develop financial understanding among students and build relevant skills to tackle financial problems.


We have BBA 1st year online classes for students who want to learn entrepreneurship.  


BBA students gain expertise in problem-solving skills by taking online BBA classes on GrabGuidance portal.

Human Resource Management

In BBA online classes, our experts guide you how to work professionally in the Human resource management field.

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Benefits of BBA online classes

Convenience and flexibility

As we said earlier, BBA students can have the full flexibility & they can choose any time of online BBA classes for 1:1 live sessions as per their convenience.

More interaction

n BBA online classes students can have more interaction with the expert. You can have your full time with the expert for whatever slots you have booked either for 20 minutes or 40 minutes or 60 minutes.

Greater ability to concentrate

Our GrabGuidance experts make sure that students understand the concept & concentrate more on studies in 1:1 live online BBA classes.

Specialty of GrabGuidance’s BBA online classes

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Integrated System

At GrabGuidance you will get the end-to-end solution & proper integrated system while searching for an expert, session booking & consuming the session with the expert for BBA online classes.

Student empowerment

We provide full empowerment to those who have chosen BBA classes online from GrabGuidance portal. They can choose any expert at any time & book a session with price as per their choice.

Short term problem solver

In most of the online education portal you can see the minimum time of the session is 1 hour. But here you can have 20 minute also with an expert & 40 minute also. It depends on the student’s query how much time they want to consume in 1:1 online BBA classes.


Can we do a BBA course online?

Yes, you can do a BBA online course.

Is BBA easy to study?

Yes, if your concepts are cleared it is easy.

Which university is best for BBA online?

 There are various universities like IGNOU, Amity, Lovely Professional University etc.