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CBSE Sample Question Paper

Sample question papers are important material used by mostly all students before their board examinations. By solving the sample question paper, students understand the pattern of the exam along with the marking scheme of the board question paper. During this Covid situation, CBSE has provided some question banks also for 10th & 12th class students.

Sample Question Papers

SQP 2021-2022
SQP 2019-2020
SQP 2017-2018
SQP 2020-2021
SQP 2018-2019
SQP 2016-2017
NCERT Books For Class 12
NCERT Books For Class 10
NCERT Books For Class 11
NCERT Books For Class 9
NCERT Books For Class 8

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Apart from these CBSE sample papers, CBSE provides question banks for class 10th & 12th students. GrabGuidance provides full support to our students who are preparing for 10th and 12th board exams.

How to Download These Sample Question Papers Online?

In today’s digital world, everything is online including the CBSE Sample Question Papers. The official website of GrabGuidance provides you with the CBSE sample question papers for class 10th & 12th of existing and previous years. You can check and download the sample question papers of Class 10 & 12 in free PDF format. Select the CBSE Sample Question Paper of any year. choose the class and click on the particular subject for which you need to download the sample question paper in PDF format. 

Advantages of Online Sample Question Papers

  • Easy to use: Online downloaded sample question papers are easy to use as you can open it anytime and anywhere and grab the knowledge.
  • Easy to Carry: You don’t need to carry any sample question papers in your bag. You can download the CBSE sample question paper online in PDF form and save it either on your mobile device or laptop. 
  • Transferable Data: These online sample question papers can be easily transferred to any device through Bluetooth, email, Whatsapp or any other mode.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can I download the 12th class Sample Question Paper in PDF form?

Yes, you can easily download Sample Question Papers from our website It’s the one stop solution for CBSE Sample Question Papers for class 10th & 12th students.

Can I download the PDF of the Sample Question papers on mobile?

Yes. CBSE Sample Question Papers for class 10th & 12th can be easily downloaded on mobile as well. 

Is CBSE Sample Question Papers available for board classes?

Yes, it is available only for class 10th & 12th for major subjects.

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