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CBSE Class 10 NCERT Exemplars

For board exams, all the subjects are important in class 10. In 10th boards, gaining good marks is also important for each and every student. Good percentage in class 10th sets the right stage for the admission to a good college or university after school. 

We all know that the 10th board exam is the base and that’s why every college or university emphasizes on its result during admissions. For board exams, the preparation needs to be strong. NCERT also knows the importance of 10th boards, that’s why they provide you with exemplars for main subjects over and above the NCERT Text Books. Science and maths are the 2 main subjects in which students need more practice. Generally, students get confused in science and maths and they find them as one of the most difficult subjects. Hence, NCERT has solved this problem for students by providing exemplars also for these subjects. In class 10, following are the subjects for which NCERT provides exemplars:

  1. Maths

    There are some difficult chapters as compared to the previous class in class 10th maths. Those chapters are the foundation for higher classes. NCERT has books and solutions also for maths.

  2. Science

    Students can gain good marks through practicals in 10th class. There are internal practical exams for biology & physics. You need to learn all the concepts from the NCERT science book and the rest of the theoretical aspects.

Here, we are providing you with NCERT exemplar for science & maths in PDF. Click on the particular subject & download the chapter files.

NCERT Exemplars Class 10

NCERT Exemplars for Class 10 Math
NCERT Exemplars for Class 10 Science

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GrabGuidance provides all the NCERT Books and NCERT Exemplar of class 10th in PDF format. You can easily download the PDF files of any subject. This material will help you prepare much better for your CBSE board exams.

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