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Applied Quant Analytics for Trading & Investments

25 Hours 25 Session (1 hours/Session)

Weekends or evening of Weekdays

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Group: For 1:7 29,500 (Inc. GST)

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Course description

It focuses on advanced empirical methods for modeling financial markets in the context of practical financial applications. Data, software and techniques specifically aligned to trading and investment will enable the reader to implement and interpret quantitative methodologies covering various models. 

Course Objective

The objective of the course is to make the learner understand advanced empirical methods for modeling financial markets in the context of practical financial applications.

Skills covered in this course

  • Technical Skills – Mathematical

  • Financial

  • Business

  • Trading and Statistical

Course Highlights


12 Hours of Engaging Interactive Live Classes

Learning through Live Discussions & Case Studies

Learn from Founder of Startups with 12+ years of Experience

Meet the Instructor

Dr. Anup Raj
PhDin Financial Derivatives

17 Year Experience in Financial Market. [Derivatives Trading & Research , Portfolio Management, Arbitrage Trading Models, Directional Derivatives Trading – Technical, Quantitative & Algo Trading Strategies , Building Analytics Algorithms & Automated Trading, Automated Market Analytics, Research & Execution of Quant Models, Technical Models & Fundamental Models. Investment Experience across Global Markets & Assets] Ex-Professor Of Finance @ IILM. Visiting Professor @ Amity Biz School, FIIB, IBS, ICFP,Galgotia University etc.

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Who Should Attend

  • Traders, financial market trainers, teachers in the finance area, investors etc.
  • Graduate and master students inclined towards finance, stock and future markets
  • Anyone who is interested in trading and investment

Certificate of Completion

GrabGuidance Live Courses
  • Download or print out as PDF to share with others.
  • Share as image online to demonstrate your skill.
  • Attach the PDF version of the certificate with your resume to get more visibility.

What will be the training syllabus?

Session 1

Introduction to the concept of Financial Engineering & Econometrics

Session 2

Applied role of Mathematics, Statistics & Technology in the world of Trading & Investment

Session 3

Role & impact of human biases on decision making vis-à-vis Quant Finance

Session 4

Introduction of Algo & Automated Trading & investment on different time frame.

Session 5

Applied role of algebra, geometry, probability & calculus in Trading & Investment

Session 6

Understanding the relationship of one price point with other using simple mathematics

Session 7

Understanding the basic concepts of modeling 

Session 8

Applied role of Quant Models, its advantages & disadvantages.

Session 9

Understanding the role of Data Science in Investment & Trading

Session 10

Role of Statistical tools like Excel & Python

Session 11

Understanding the nature of data & their application

Session 12

Time Series Data & its application in Trading & Investmen

Session 13

Introduction to the commonly used quant model

Session 14

Understanding of Trading & Investment Success Equation

Session 15

Understanding the role & application of Mean, Median, Mode, Variance & Standard Deviation

Session 16

Making of a Quant Model using OHLC data in Excel & its applicability

Session 17

Volatility modeling in different dimension for trading using basics mathematics

Session 18

Excel based Modeling for position & risk management for live trading

Session 19

CPR model for position management

Session 20

Understanding the Concept of Value at Risk & Black Swan

Session 21

Excel based quant model for Options Trading & its use

Session 22

Conversion of Technical Analysis to Mathematical Analysi

Session 23

Development of Leading Mathematical indicator for price prediction

Session 24

Advance Mean Reversion & Momentum Model without using any chart

Session 25

How to overcome the trap of Break-Out, Momentum & Other Technical Indicators using math 

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