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Memory Training & Creative Learning

14 Hours Live Course Covered in 3 Months (14 Sessions)

  1. Weekly 3 sessions of 1 hour each in the first month (12 sessions).
  2. Weekly 1 session of 1 hour each in the second and third month (8 sessions).

Private: For 1:1 ₹11,800  (Inc. GST)
Group: For 1:7 ₹8,260  (Inc. GST)

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Memory Training Course Description

“Unleash The Power Of Your Brain And Be A Better Version Of Yourself.”  That is the motto of Brain Training. You learn an answer yesterday and forget it today. Why? Why is it so difficult to memorize an answer? On the other hand, you remember the movie with full detail, which you watched earlier. Why so? Why does your brain behave differently when it comes to studies and movies?
No school answer this question. Everyone tells you what to learn, how much to learn, has anyone ever taught you How to Learn? No, Right Do you know the capacity of a human brain? What is memory? What is short-term memory? What is long_term memory? How to convert short-term memory to long-term memory? Why do we forget something that we studied yesterday? How to memorize answer with ease and recall better? How to memorize any number with ease? This course will answer all the above questions together with many more. After attending this course you would be in control of your brain and have
Super Memory

Course Objective

  • To have SUPER MEMORY
  • To become creative learners
  • To memorize any subject, any answer faster
  • To recall better
  • To improve your grade/performance with better memory
  • To understand the functioning of human brain.
  • Store things straight into your brain without writing it anywhere

Memory Training Skills Covered In This Course

  • Memorize random words
  • Memorize answers with visualization
  • Memorize any numbers, or a long string of numbers like your Aadhaar card no, your bank account no, important dates, history events and dates.
  • Learn foreign language by learning vocabulary with ease
  • Learn synonyms for one word and use them with ease
  • Making and managing multiple lists on the go
  • Brain gym

Course Highlights Of Memory Training


20 Hours of Engaging Interactive Live Classes

Learning through discussions, assignments and practical implementation in your studies.

Learn from the Memory Coach with 23+ Years of Experience

Meet the Memory Training Instructor

Monica Thomas

The most precious resource of the 21st century is your time. I want every individual to save their precious time by upgrading their memory to Super Memory. My vision is to make every individual capable of harnessing the potential of their brain and become a better version of themselves. I conduct online and offline classes for all those who intend to become the leaders of tomorrow. The leaders, who are self-reliant and are not dependent on any external device for memorizing anything.

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Who Should Attend

  • All parents who guide their young kids in their studies. You should learn these scientific method of learning that‘d help you and then you can guide your child in learning better with increased performance.
  • All students from class 7th and above. You will understand a smart way of learning things and save a lot of your precious time.
  • All professionals. You will be able to better manage your work and memorize things with ease.

Certificate of Completion

GrabGuidance Live Courses
  • Download or print out as PDF to share with others.
  • Share as image online to demonstrate your skill.
  • Attach the PDF version of the certificate with your resume to get more visibility.

What will be the training syllabus?

Session 1

Memorizing random words with visualization

Session 2

Learning answers with 1-step visualization.

Session 3

Learning answers with 2-step visualization.

Session 4

Understanding creative learning, by learning Asian country and their flags OR memorize countries and their capitals.

Session 5

Memory palace method to memorize anything with index

Session 6

Memorizing lists with memory pegs

Session 7

Learning about right method of studying

Session 8

Understanding brain’s forgetful nature and learning the art of revision

Session 9

Mastering a language. Learn vocabulary with creative visualization. Memorize synonyms with ease.

Session 10

Master spelling with creativity. Learn anything word by word.

Session 11

Memorizing numbers – part 1

Session 12

Memorizing numbers – part 2

Session 13

The trick to memorize the whole book

Session 14

Application of learning through assignments

Session 15

Application of learning through assignments.

Session 16

Application of learning through assignments.

Session 17

Application of learning through assignments.

Session 18

Application of learning through assignments.

Session 19

Application of learning through assignments.

Session 20

Application of learning through assignments.

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