Confusion to Conclusion

In this webinar for our budding and young entrepreneurs, there are 3 panelists from that domain to speak on how to start a startup. Entrepreneurship is not easy and hence, such webinars are always appreciated by such a community where they get guidance on starting their own ventures. The 1st panelist is the CEO of Belearno Company which is a live 24X7 scholarship examination platform. He is the entrepreneur, CA and LLB graduate & has more than 5 years of experience. The 2nd panelist is the deputy director & the member of FICCI (Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry). He is an alumni of DIAS institute. The 3rd and final panelist has 12+ years of Ed-tech, legal tech & is a chief advisor of GrabGuidance. He had worked as an early team member of The topic of this webinar is very interesting & those who want to start their own business/company should go through this session. In this webinar, a lot of information regarding startups and how to set it up can be gathered from the expert panelists. The experts cleared dos & don’ts while starting your business as a startup. You also can get to know the common mistakes generally people make while starting up a company as an entrepreneur. You must be thinking, do startups really add value in your life? Such kinds of questions are very common among us. The expert has clarified that if a startup doesn’t add value to a target group it is not a business. The core of every business is to solve a problem for a user group. The expert took an example of GrabGuidance only which is an ed-tech startup. There are so many startups in the online education sector. The expert shared the advantages and uniqueness of GrabGuidance among all. 

You will get a lot of information through this webinar & it is very important for people who are interested in starting up their own business and entrepreneurship in totality. We have a line entrepreneurship course online for such young entrepreneurs to get a clear path in their entrepreneurial journey. GrabGuidance also provides webinars on different topics. If you want more knowledge start following GrabGuidance. We are pioneers in academic guidance to students & provide the best 1:1 personalized career counseling to 10th and 12th class students & college/institutes students too.