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Specialty of GrabGuidance’s class 10 online classes

GrabGuidance provides online classes for 10th class students. We help students to achieve their desired scores in the board exams whether it is CBSE, ICSE or State Board. Students who are seeking academic guidance or career guidance can join our portal & book any expert as per their convenience.

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Importance of class 10th class online classes

Flexible Schedule

We know that a 10th board student requires flexibility while learning. GrabGuidance has come up with the solution of a flexible schedule for 10th online class students. Students can choose any expert for any time through our portal.

Learn at your pace

It is very important for a student to understand each concept in online 10 classes. GrabGuidance helps you in learning at your pace. You don’t need to rush things & in exams all the concepts might be gone from your mind. Don’t forget slow & steady wins the race

Live Interactions

10th online class students must need live interactions so that experts can see & ask where a child is not able to connect with him. GrabGuidance has live interaction classes for our students.

Below are the main subjects in which students focused on


10th class students have to clear their concepts with the help of GrabGuidance experts. We have the best experts which help you out in board’s exam.


On GrabGuidance platform, 10th online class for science subject is available and we have top experts who can guide you very well.

Social Science

GrabGuidance provides the academic guidance package also for social science subject online 10 classes to students.


If 10th online class students need to improve their English, they can choose PhD experts from GrabGuidance portal.

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Benefits of online classes 10th

More interaction

In online classes 10th, students must interact with the expert & this is the best advantage which a student can take from GrabGuidance. We help students by providing live sessions 1:1 and it will be more interactive because the board’s students have more doubts.

Avoids Commuting 

Board’s students need more time to study & revise their chapters. For the 10th online class, GrabGuidance has come up with the live interactive 1:1 sessions, where a student can clear their queries without commuting here & there.

Comfortable learning environment

Class 10th boards’ students want a learning environment and they must be comfortable while solving their queries. GrabGuidance tries their level best to give a comfortable learning environment by providing online classes for class 10 students.

Specialty of GrabGuidance’s class 10 online classes

Enjoy Live Meeting

Live 1:1 multiple sessions

GrabGuidance provides 10th classes online to their students live 1:1 multiple booking sessions. Any student can book multiple sessions with one expert. These multiple booking sessions can be daily or weekly.

End-to-end solution

GrabGuidance has an end-to-end solution for their students. Students can search for experts and they can book a session with an expert of their choice & on the day of the live session students consume their session on our portal only. We have described our whole process in the knowledge center page on how to consume the live session on the portal. It is easy to have 10th online classes on the GrabGuidance portal.

To Short term problem solver

You might have seen there are 3 slots 20 min, 40 min & 60 min. Students can book a 20 minutes session also with any expert. For online classes 10th GrabGuidance experts try to solve your query in minimum time.


GrabGuidance has the best experts for Class 10?

Yes, GrabGuidance has the best experts for Class 10 students

Is there any online sample paper for Class 10?

Yes, GrabGuidance provides CBSE sample paper for class 10.

Does GrabGuidance provide study material for class 10?

Yes, GrabGuidance provides the study material for class 10. Check out our study material on our website