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Academic counselling is the process between a student and an academic counsellor of analysing the significance of a general education, assessing the institution’s services and policies, discussing career objectives, and choosing appropriate courses. Academic counselling is a professional service that identifies the issues that are impeding a student’s capacity to achieve academic success.

The major goals of this counselling are the student’s independent study planning, smooth progress through academics, completion of degree programme within the set timeframe, and assistance for the student’s professional advancement. The purpose of this instruction is to emphasise the importance of student responsibility and dedication to their own studies and career plans. Areas of academic counselling include: Ethical guidance, educational guidance, psychological guidance, and career guidance.

Objectives Of Academic Counselling

Some of the major objectives of academic counselling are:

  • Providing up-to-date information on the institution’s policies, procedures, resources, and programmes.
  • Student orientation and guidance in all moral, psychological, and social areas.
  • Assisting students in thinking about their long-term goals by connecting their interests, skills, abilities, and values to careers and the workplace.
  • Work on identifying the student’s skills and abilities, as well as guiding such skills and tendencies.
  • Assisting students with the assessment or reassessment of their progress toward defined goals and educational programmes.
  • Assisting students with self-awareness and acceptance.
  • Provide students with experience and scientific advice on time management, as well as good investments in order to achieve the finest study methods and good collection, and assist them in making the most of the resources accessible to them.
  • Enhancing students’ academic performance and encouraging them to do better academically.
  • Follow up on their progress and help them overcome any barriers they may experience in their academic pursuits by examining the issues that the student may encounter while studying and devising appropriate solutions that will assure his academic success.
  • Work on follow-up reports and evaluations of students’ progress during their education.
  • Students with low academic accomplishment and stumbling should be given attention and followed to help them improve their level of education.
  • Paying special attention to gifted and talented students and allowing them to develop their skills and encourage their ideas.

What Makes a Good Academic Counsellor?

Great academic counsellors are well-versed about their students’ traits and needs, as well as their individual programmes’ mission, goals, needs, policies, procedures, rules, and regulations.

  • They are both logistically and personally accessible to students.
  • They respond to student demands in a precise and timely manner.
  • They are fair and work to understand their own prejudices.
  • They follow a code of ethics in their work.
  • They are able to refer students to suitable resources with ease.

How Do GrabGuidance Counsellors Help Students Academically?

GrabGuidance provides the top educationists, career counsellors and industry experts to resolve the worry related to your career. You can get the advice from top industry leading experts who will also help you with doubt clarification. There are personalised 1:1 live sessions. GrabGuidance’s academic counselling package includes:

  • Ongoing support to the student on academics
  • Doubt solving option to the students
  • Complete academic support throughout the year

There are three academic counselling packages available: Starter, basic and premium package.

Academic Counselling Starter Package

Academic counselling starter package of GrabGuidance comes with a price of Rs. 6,490 Inc. GST. This package comprises 10 video sessions , access to knowledge centre, access to recorded video sessions. The validity of this package is 3 months.

Academic Counselling Basic Package

GrabGuidances academic counselling basic package has a price of Rs. 15,340 Inc. GST. This package comprises 25 video sessions , access to knowledge centre, access to recorded video sessions. This package has 6 months validity.

Academic Counselling Premium Package

Academic counselling premium package of GrabGuidance has a price of Rs. 23,600 Inc. GST. This package comprises 40 video sessions , access to knowledge centre, and access to recorded video sessions. This package has1 year validity.

To opt for the academic counselling at GrabGuidance, you first need to fill the query form. After filling the form, the team will connect with you. You can discuss your package according to your requirements. After that you have to book your sessions and get a personalised counsellor. You can then finally enjoy live sessions on GrabGuidances in-build virtual class system.

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