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If you are appearing for class 12th maths exam and want to score good in it, then you have come to the right place. Many students find mathematics to be a nightmare, and they find it difficult to get through it. On the plus side, it is also the subject in which you can get a perfect score. The pressure to perform well on the Mathematics paper, along with a vast list of equations and an extended syllabus built on a conceptual model, makes it one of the most dreaded subjects in students’ thoughts. You must be thinking how to score good marks in maths class 12. In this blog you will find some tips which will help you get over the maths phobia and score perfect in this subject.

Understand the Contents and Weightage of the Syllabus

To ace the class 12th maths board exam, you’ll need an excellent preparation method. The first step is to know the syllabus and understand its weightage. Students must create a study plan that covers all important topics and concepts along with their weightage in the exam. It is critical to study the entire book recommended by the board in order to achieve a high score. Students should prioritise units that are easy to prepare and have the highest weightage in the exam.  

Go through Sample Papers and Previous Years’ Papers

Board publishes sample papers every year. Go through that paper, it will help you in understanding the paper pattern and marks distribution better. Also, refer to previous years question papers as examiners repeat a pattern for some important questions over a number of years. Make a point of doing the previous year’s papers while using a timer; this will help you enhance your speed, reasoning ability, and time management abilities which will ultimately help you in scoring good class 12th maths.

Give Up Rote Learning

To score well in class 12 maths exam, you should keep this thing in mind that mugging up is not an option. You must understand the concepts. Try to grasp the basics of the formulas; they’re usually all built on a single conceptual framework, and if you understand that, you’ll be able to avoid memorising countless formulas.

Self – Evaluation

Make a list of any difficult questions or concepts. Invest more time on such concepts and questions. Maths is a fascinating subject as long as you can solve problems quickly, but it may become insurmountable if you become stuck and lose interest. The key is to practise all types of questions to solidify your understanding. Self-evaluation is quite beneficial in identifying your weak points and improving your score in class 12th maths board exam. 

Time Management

In order to prepare for the class 12th maths board exams, you must be able to manage your time effectively. It is easy to lose track of time when doing difficult  questions, therefore practising the tasks within the time restriction is vital. Take online mock examinations to acquire a feel for the exam and to practice more in that environment. If you’re stuck on a question, give yourself some time and move on to the next question. You can come back to it later with a fresh perspective. Always try to finish your exam 10- 15 minutes early so that you can revise and correct if there are any mistakes.

Practice More

It’s important to remember that maths is all about practice. The more you practice, the better you will understand the relevant concepts and formulas, and the better you will become. It will also help you in solving the questions in less time. Therefore, the more you practice, the more are the chances of scoring good in class 12th maths exam.

What to Keep in Mind During the Class 12th Maths Board Exam

While appearing for class 12th maths board exam, following are some mandatory points that you should always keep in mind:

  • Keep your paper and margins clean.
  • Steps are vital in solving since each stage is graded separately.
  • Ensure that the figures and graphs are clear and easy to comprehend. They should be adequately labelled.
  • Always answer those questions first which you know very well.
  • Avoid scribbling and overwriting
  • Set aside some time to go over everything you’ve written.

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