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Are you planning on starting a business of your own and not sure how to set it up or promote it? Whatever the case is, we have got you covered. In this blog we will be discussing the best entrepreneurship online courses which on taking up will definitely help you as an entrepreneur. Before moving ahead, we will first try to understand what entrepreneurship is.

What is Entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship is defined as the ability and willingness to establish, manage, and run a business, including all of its risks, in order to make a profit. The most apparent form of entrepreneurship is the establishment of new businesses. 

The modern definition is more akin to the ability to solve an issue by recognising possibilities and opportunities when the average person simply sees problems.

Best Entrepreneurship Courses to Take Up

Following are mentioned some of the best entrepreneurship courses that every entrepreneur or aspiring entrepreneur should take up:


Startup Entrepreneurship Online Course

GrabGuidance’s entrepreneurship course is designed for all the young and budding entrepreneurs and founders who want to learn the tips and tricks of launching your venture. In this course, you will get all the information through real life start-up cases and experiences on how to start your business venture and scale it up for raising funds for it. This is one of the best entrepreneurship online courses.

  • Price: Private: For 1:1 ₹29,500 (Inc. GST); Group: For 1:7 ₹14,200 (Inc. GST)
  • Time to complete: 12 Hours Live Course Covered in 2 Months (12 Sessions)
  • Scheduled for: Weekends or Late Evenings
  • Prerequisites required: No
  • Certificate: Yes

Entrepreneurial skills covered in this course

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Market Analysis
  • Team Building
  • Pitching
  • Marketing & Digital Marketing
  • Product Development

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Entrepreneurship Specialization

Coursera’s Entrepreneurship Specialization offered by the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania covers the conception, design, organisation, and management of new enterprises. This five-course series will take you from idea to launch, growth, finance, and profitability. You’ll develop an entrepreneurial mindset and fine tune the skills you need to develop a new venture with potential for growth and funding, or to identify and seek growth opportunities within an existing organisation, with guidance from Wharton’s top professors and insights from current Wharton start-up founders and financiers.

  • Price: $79 per month
  • Time to complete: Approximately 6 months (2 hours per week)
  • Prerequisites required: No
  • Flexible schedule: Yes
  • Certificate: Yes

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Becoming an Entrepreneur

This course follows LaunchX’s successful approach to entrepreneurship, which utilises MIT’s Disciplined Entrepreneurship, lean techniques, and creative thinking to develop new business ideas and conduct market research to develop and test your offering and pitching. There will be a mix of short videos and activities to get you out of your chair and into the community to make a meaningful difference. This is one of the best online courses for entrepreneurship.

Price: Free (Audit Track), Rs. 5296 (Verified Track)

Time to complete: Estimated 6 weeks (1-3 hours per week)

Prerequisites: None

Certificate: Yes, only for Verified Track

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How to come up with killer business ideas: complete workshop

The course on Udemy is about the art of coming up with company ideas. Students learn strategies for examining different sections of a business’ value chain and discovering possible opportunities, as well as how to quickly evaluate ideas using five different dimensions, in addition to learning to objectively appraise their ideas, interests, strengths, and inadequacies.

Price: Rs. 3499

Time to complete: 7 hours

Prerequisites: No

Flexible schedule: Yes

Certificate: Yes

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Harvard Business School

Entrepreneurship Essentials

Entrepreneurship Essentials Online Course from Harvard Business School helps you bridge the gap between a concept and a successful business. The course focuses on tried-and-true methods for launching and funding new businesses in any industry. You won’t lose time trying to figure out where you are in the course or what you’re supposed to be doing because the user interface is really basic, easy to follow, and well structured.

Price: $1,050

Time to complete: 4 weeks (6 to 8 hours per week)

Prerequisites: No

Flexible schedule: No

Certificate: Yes

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