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Most students often find maths subject quite difficult as compared to other subjects. While many students excel in it but majority of students usually struggle to go through it. But the question arises why is it so? In this blog, we will discuss the various reasons why most students find maths challenging.

Reasons Why Students Consider Maths Difficult

Following are mentioned the various reasons why maths is considered as one of the hardest subject by most of the students:

Maths is Hard – It’s a Myth

Students are always told and made to believe that maths is a difficult subject from the beginning. However, it’s just a myth. Everyone who has struggled with maths before doesn’t mean you will face the same issues. This can be particularly damaging to students who have low confidence. They hear it from students they perceive to be smarter than them but who still fall into the same basic category of ability.

Maths is Cumulative

One of the reasons why many students find maths so hard is that the subject is cumulative. You must fully grasp the subject; otherwise, you will have difficulty progressing to the next level. If the basis is weak, maths will always seem difficult. If a concept isn’t fully grasped at any point, any subsequent learning based on that concept will be difficult to comprehend as well.

Being Left – Brained Vs Right – Brained

According to certain theories, left-brain and right-brain thinkers tend to learn in distinct ways. Left-brained people naturally enjoy being analytical, and are more logical thinkers. They tend to understand topics in sequential pieces, whereas right-brained people are the opposite of left-brained thinkers. They enjoy being creative and are more intuitive thinkers. They tend to take in a lot more information all at once and then assimilate it gradually.

You Try to Rely on Memorization

Many people struggle with maths because they try to remember their way through it. There isn’t much to remember, though. Maths is all about understanding the concepts and problem solving.

Working through practice problems improves your maths problem-solving skills, but only if you take the time to comprehend the mechanics and complexities of a solution. Practice problems are good, but if you try to memorise how to solve them rather than actually knowing how to solve them, you’ll be disappointed when you come across a problem that looks nothing like the ones you’ve already done.

Concentration and Attention Difficulties

Many students find maths difficult because they do not concentrate. While solving maths problems, one has to fully concentrate and pay attention to each step. If you lose your concentration, there are more chances of making a mistake and you have to start all over again to get the right answer. 

Learning Difficulties and Disabilities

Many students have difficulty with arithmetic because they are unable to effectively read the information in a maths textbook. It’s considerably more difficult for students with learning problems or intellectual disabilities to understand maths without a teacher who knows how to properly educate them.

Lack of Proper Guidance

Maths is difficult for some students because you don’t always get the help or guidance you require. Some maths topics may be difficult to grasp, so you may require additional assistance from a teacher, your parents, or a friend from time to time. Maths might be difficult to understand if you don’t get enough help when you need it. You can join an online class which help you in understanding the concepts and get your doubts cleared.

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