Confusion to Conclusion

The entrepreneurship online course is designed for all the young and budding entrepreneurs and founders who want to learn the tips and tricks of launching their start up venture. In this session, you will get all the information through real life start-up cases and experiences on how to start your business venture and scale it up for raising funds for it. The expert has started his sessions by explaining Ola cab’s case. The Ola company has analyzed the macro environment in the market. They observed that the smartphone users are increasing with increasing disposable income for urban young millennials. In India, the youth audience is also youth which is the prime Target Group (TG) for OLA. The TG of Ola is metro & tier 1 cities. Ola has also come up with the feature when anybody can book for their friends/family members. Ola applications can be used by anyone who is tech savvy. The 3G/4G data cost is getting cheaper and there are not many affordability issues by smartphone users. The startups like Zomato, Ola etc. have analyzed the external environment because that gives them a great assurance in hitting the market at the right time with their products. The expert has shared factors from macro environment which favored Ola –

  1. Positive political factors
  2. Positive economic factors
  3. Positive socio-culture factors
  4. Positive technological factors

In this session, you will also learn about the market sizing done by the entrepreneurs. In market sizing there are 2 kinds of approaches – top down approach & bottom up approach.  For a Top down approach, you should have a clear definition of TG (target group). For this, you need secondary research with making many assumptions too. The expert has taken an example of market sizing for K-12 Online Education Startup in India. 

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