Confusion to Conclusion

In this session, the user has opted for a Memory Training & Creative Learning Live Course at GrabGuidance for smart learning. The expert is explaining the direct visualization method for memorizing anything. Direct visualization methods need to apply on visualizing content of the text directly. For example, if we have to visualize the human heart we can directly memorize it. Expert explains the topic with the help of a fist. There are 3 types of learning –

  1. It’s not difficult to memorize. It is very simple. 
  2. Where we can visualize things by putting ourselves in that situation.
  3. Creative substitution. 

For direct visualization, there are 3 ways –

  1. You are seeing in front of you. Eg – You can see the prime minister is doing their job in front of you. 
  2. You are doing it by yourself. Eg – You are the prime minister & you are doing your own work as a prime minister.
  3. It is happening to you. Eg – If you want to learn the skeleton structure. You can touch your bones & visualize your own skeleton structure.

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