Confusion to Conclusion

In this GG Online Class, the expert who has the expertise in human resource management and english literature defines the 21st century learner first. In this session, the expert has described the complete persona of a 21st Century Learner. The expert started from a story of a belief system. We grow up with a belief system which we develop from our parents, teachers & environments. The biggest reason is we are bound to a belief system and because of this we are not able to perform well. The 21st century learner is not the person who is learning everyday. They’re learning, unlearning & relearning in a much faster way than earlier generation students. It’s important to understand that 21st century learners learn through classroom teaching, learn in a pandemic, and have traditional learning. The expert has shared as to what needs to be done such learners as well. The more questions as a student you ask, the more clarity you’ll get & more knowledge you’ll become. So, in a nutshell, be curious to be a learned person. The 21st century skills include digital knowledge, critical thinking, problem solving, communication, collaboration & creativity. These skills are important for their future. The most important skill is being a good human. We need to be kind, humble & ethical at work. We should have emotional quotient & social quotient where we need to have emotions and socialize in nature. The expert has also shared about the seven C’s that can greatly help you as a learning student. 

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