Confusion to Conclusion

In this GG online class, the expert is explaining to the student audience the tips & tricks to prepare well for exams. Exam is an opportunity to display what you know, not an ordeal to trap you into exposing yourself. It is a time where you get tested for what you have learned in the past. Examinations are there to evaluate all types of skills learned such as cooking, driving, critical thinking, domain knowledge and many such things. The first thing every student needs to do is to stop thinking about exams as being scary. You should not think that it is difficult and one can’t get through easily. Infact, through practice and good preparation, you can pass the exams like a cake walk. In this session, the expert has also explained various things that we need to do before and at the time of the exam. Before the exams, students have to do a dedicated preparation as suggested by the expert. The expert has strongly recommended that you stop conditioning your mind. On the day of the  exam, certain things need to be taken care of like having a good breakfast, staying hydrated, arriving early at the examination center, allocating time wisely etc. which are very important for the right performance to be shown in the exam. Exams may haunt students but they are important for the authority to evaluate and judge your learning capacity and capabilities to find the right gaps and work well in filling them in future. 

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