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One more important GG Online Class conducted by GrabGuidance for Job Seekers. In this webinar, the expert has discussed many common mistakes that we do as a job seeker in detail. For the job seekers, the expert has shared a few things that need to be kept in mind while searching for a job. Below are key areas which you need to focus on –

  1. Don’t be a desperate job seeker

Before sharing your resume to anybody try to analyze your capabilities first. Don’t be a beggar for a job. 

  1. Never give up

Never give up on any situation. Don’t feel that a particular field/profile is not meeting your needs. After analyzing your capabilities & KRA’s, you have to figure out which industry, profile, sector, company etc. is good for you. 

  1. Don’t give too much information in resume & cover letter

Stop giving too much information in your resume & cover letter. Only share the relevant information which is needed by the prospective employers. 

  1. Stop applying to all job if qualification & experience don’t match

Stop applying everywhere. Apply only when your criterias and eligibility conditions match with the vacant profile. 

  1. Avoid blabbering in interview

It is a very common mistake that 90% of job seekers make. Stop blabbering if you don’t know the answer. Be upfront and say that I don’t know the answer. Honesty is the best policy.

  1. Avoid walking in casuals

In an interview be present in formals only. Don’t show off with casuals or heavy makeup. 

  1. Zero networking

You should start building your profile on linkedIn and talk to a recruiter or stranger or an alumni which helps you to grow. It will boost your confidence. Your network will never grow if you stop your personal branding. 

  1. Don’t forget to Follow up

Sometimes, we forget to follow up from a recruiter. We need to know how we should start taking follow-up. 

  1. Never leave the company on a bad note

It is not suggested to leave your current company on a bad note. Else, you would be struggling for an experience letter from your previous employer and would be a hindrance for your next job. 

  1. Avoid wrong naming convention 

Don’t mention your resume like ABC-CV, My resume ABC, My updated resume ABC. The correct way to send your resume is your first name_your last name_profile.

  1. Avoid sending resume without information

Always, share your resume with the proper subject line, document and details about the profile you have applied for. 

  1. Don’t send resume through chat box

Don’t send your resume on whatsapp/messenger/linkedIn message box. 

These are the common mistakes that we make as a job seeker. The expert has shared the tips for what not to do while searching for a job and how to do best while sending your resume to the recruiter for applying to the job. 

Finding the right job is not that easy. You need proper job advice and guidance to get to your dream job. We, at GrabGuidance, have also launched job preparation packages for 2nd and 3rd year students doing BBA, B.Com, B.Tech, BSc or other such bachelor courses and 1st and 2nd year MBA’s, PGDM,, Mtech or other such master course  students to prepare well for their jobs.

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