Confusion to Conclusion

Parenting is not only the responsibility of biological parents. It is a shared responsibility of each & every member of the society. Few years ago if any elder finds out that any child is doing something wrong, they inform the child’s parents/family. But now the time has changed. No one bothers to see what a child is doing and that’s why parenting is a challenge in today’s world. Parenting does not mean restricting a child for anything. In this GG online class, the expert has spoken about different ways of parenting and challenges faced by today’s parents. The expert has also shared how to tackle children in the best way possible. Parenting involves physical care, mental care & emotional care. These 3 things are equally important for a child’s future. We are helping the children to grow & develop in a positive way because the childrens are the future of the country. As a parent, we need to understand when a child needs your help. It is not necessary that a child will come to you everytime. We need to know the psychology of the child & the kind of help it is sought by her/her at that moment. We need to know the extent to which we should help the child. In this webinar, the expert has shared the different challenges faced by today’s parents. The expert has also distinguished between earlier parenting and the parenting that happened today. Nowadays, parents want to give their children a full comfort zone. Earlier, it was not like that. If we help our child in every situation, the child will not be able to stand by himself/herself. In this situation, your child will always search for you to come out of the situation. We need to give liberty to the child so that the child can understand what is a good or bad decision whatever he has taken. Being a mother & the teacher, the expert has given wonderful suggestions to parents on right parenting. Give your child a diary to write their thoughts running through their mind. Whenever the child is struggling with something or they need to say something they can write these things in their diary. Make the dairy a close friend of your child. Parents can understand the thought process of their child very easily if they put in the effort. Parents understand the kind of help their child needs. Parents need to understand that they should not impose anything on their child. It is totally up to the child what they want to do in their life provided it’s good. Parents should not compare their child with someone else. We need to understand that every child is different and should never be compared with others. 

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